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NSFAS receives over 400 000 applications for 2019

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Higher Education and Training Minister Naledi Pandor says the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) has received more than 400 000 funding applications for the 2019 financial year.

Pandor said this when she briefed the media in Cape Town on Tuesday.

The briefing comes after applications for funding for the 2019 academic year closed on 3 December following a two day extension from the 30 November 2018 deadline.

“As we prepare for next year, the 2019 application cycle has proceeded relatively smoothly with more than 400 000 applications received between the opening of applications on the 3rd September and the closing of applications on the 3rd of December,” she said.

Pandor said on average, NSFAS received more than 3 200 applications a day over the period from September to December, with the number reaching as high as 30 000 on one of the days.

Out of all the applications, 63% were females while males made up 37% of the applications.

A total of 34 413 applications were received from social grant beneficiaries. Students who are beneficiaries of the South Africa Social Security Agency automatically qualify in terms of the financial qualification criteria and will be funded if admitted and registered at a TVET college or university.

“However, it is a concern that only 24% of the applications are from learners who wish to enroll at TVET colleges, with the balance of 88% being applications for universities,” the Minister said.

Pandor said of all the applications, the highest number, 95 523, was received from the KwaZulu-Natal province. The number represents 45% of the total number of learners that wrote their National Senior Certificate in the province, while the lowest number was from the Northern Cape with 2 573 applications.

She said the success of the current application process can be attributed to a number of factors – including the revised and easy-to-complete online application system, which allowed applicants to complete an application within five minutes; the simplicity of the on-line and manual form with fewer fields to fill; and the accessibility of NSFAS where applicants have been able to apply at the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) as a result of the scheme’s long-standing partnership with the agency.

NSFAS reaches out to prospective applicants

Pandor said, meanwhile, that NSFAS went on the road and reached out to learners across the country to encourage them to apply for the bursary scheme for next year.

This included visits to community centres, shopping malls, high schools, clinics, churches, door-to-door campaigns and taxi ranks. She said this was also an opportunity for NSFAS to engage with parents and working youth who commute daily in the early hours to drive the application message home to their children and siblings.

“Through this campaign, NSFAS accessed as many people across as wide an area as possible, to ensure that everyone who may have wanted to apply for NSFAS was able to do so.

“NSFAS has informed me that feedback from applications has been positive, especially the fact that applications can be made on-line with a cellphone, and progress can be tracked on the cellphone. Nevertheless manual applications are still accepted and have been made in significant numbers in instances where access to technology remains a challenges.

Requirements for qualification

Pandor said the scheme was in the process of evaluating all applications received. The evaluations process checks whether applicants are eligible for funding by verifying all data received by students with third parties like the SA Revenue Service and Home Affairs.

“To qualify for funding a student must meet the financial eligibility criteria and register at an institution for an approved programme. Successful students will received bursary funding to cover their tuition fee for their registered programme and an allowance for learning materials. They may also qualify for subsidized accommodation and transport allowances where applicable,” she said.

She said NSFAS will communicate to students who meet the financial eligibility criteria and have received an academic offer via SMS and email at the beginning of January, and once academic results have been made available to NSFAS.

“Funding is only confirmed once a student has met the financial eligibility criteria and is formally registered at a public TVET college or university for an approved funded programme.

“During this process, NSFAS will work closely with institutions to ensure that integration of data is quick and seamless to allow the timeous release of funds to students and to avoid any repetition of the delays of 2018, where some qualifying students were left frustrated, homeless, hungry and without confirmation of their funding,” she said. –


The Bushbuckridge Local Municipality hereby invites new students who qualify for bursary assistance to apply for one of the fields below.   


·        Certified copy of grade 12 mid-year results or Grade 12 certificate

·        Proof of income of Parent/Guardian

·        Certified copy of ID or birth certificate

·        Valid proof of residence in Bushbuckridge

·        Proof of indigent status

·        Proof of admission  

CONDITIONS: Enquiries shall be directed to Mr Maunye S, Cell no: 071 607 8090. Applications should be submitted at Head Office or nearest Regional Offices. Only new students qualify to apply and if you are not contacted a month after closing date consider your applications unsuccessful.



Closing Date: 18 January 2019 









































Jack Ma: Invest in education, entrepreneurs

Saturday, October 27, 2018

For any country to develop, attention should be paid to improving the education system, investing in entrepreneurs as well as clean governance.

These were the parting words of Chinese business tycoon Jack Ma at the South Africa Investment Conference business dinner on Friday.

Ma was a guest speaker at the event which saw the state of the South African economy discussed by leaders of business and government as well as various stakeholders.

During the conference billions of rands in pledges and investment commitments were announced. These will form part of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s R1 trillion investment attraction drive for the next five years.

“For a country to develop, there are three basic things that have to be done that are important. The first is education, it’s always good to invest in education. Investing in people is the best investment in the whole world. And the second thing is trust, build and support entrepreneurs. Make entrepreneurs the heroes. At the top of this is a good and clean government,” Ma, the cofounder and chair of the Alibaba Group, said.

World countries should be concerned at the growth rate of technology, he said, as the fourth industrial revolution “is very scary” as “it relieves the power of human beings”.

The world needed to adopt changed education systems. “We have to change the things we teach our kids. We have to do better than the machines – they can be better than the machines,” he said.

He said they need to be more innovative, more creative and more constructive.

“Every country should pay attention to the people who are below the age of 30. They are the internet generation. Please pay attention to companies with less than 30 employees. This technology evolution is a big challenge for big companies, it’s a big opportunity for small companies. Small is going to be beautiful and small is going to be powerful.”

He encouraged African entrepreneurs to remain optimistic and form relations, saying he had a lot of faith in the business prospects of the region.

President Ramaphosa said Ma’s lessons on education, entrepreneurship and an efficient government were important.

“What I particularly liked is that we should treat our entrepreneurs as heroes and move away from what we’ve become accustomed to where we treat entrepreneurs and call them all sorts of names. We treat them as enemies with terms like white monopoly and all that. It ends today, we want to make our businesspeople heroes. Let us see them as heroes because they are here to develop our economy,” the President said.

He announced that the South African government had formed a partnership with Jack Ma’s Alibaba that will see young South Africans receiving training in the near future.

South Africa should have a training hub for South Africans to be as great entrepreneurs as Ma and the others who started Alibaba.

President Ramaphosa thanked Ma for attending the conference. 

Pursue education to respond accurately to the questions of life

By: Ralph Mpangane

Life is defined by somebody as an art; I totally agree with him because in art thinking is required and also in life how you think and respond to life determines the quality of life that you live.

It is also true that if you “fail to plan; you plan to fail”. The youth is faced with a great task of preparing their future; in fact, good planning ensures happiness, excitement and joy in their lives. If you want to succeed as a youth; you need to have answers to the questions that life asks each and every individual on the planet.

I, with the help of our Circuit Manager of Marite Mr Bogoshi S.D. have compiled a list of questions that can be of help in the preparation and life of our youth. The questions are as follows: What kind of life will you be living in future? What will your career be? Who will your marriage partner be? How many kids are you planning to have? How will you educate them? Will you be able to feed and clothe them? These and other questions remain constant in demanding answers to all of us. They are a reason why some committed suicide, others regretting and some wish they were not born.

Preparing for a future is not only vital but crucial; it gives one assurance and hope. Acquiring knowledge and skills development takes a centre stage in this regard. Your future is secured if you are currently empowering yourself with knowledge and busy developing your skills.

Do not go to the future without the two (knowledge and skill). When life starts asking the questions; it brings them with a whip. It is better to be beaten by a person than to be lashed by life. A person can feel pity and decide not to continue with the beating; Life does not feel for anyone; even if you are capable of asking for forgiveness; it will persist in the inflicting of the sorrows, miseries and agony; until you decide to leave the planet.

Albert Eintein once said, “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school”. If you want to respond accurately to the questions of life, pursue education. That which remains when you have forgotten what you have learned in school is wisdom and understanding, it is the one that will enable you to dance to the melody of life with ease. “Only the wise can dance to the melody of life”. Skills are available in various forms in every sphere of life. E.g. Business, education, sport, art, culture, religion, music and so on.

Remember, “The future belongs to those who prepare for it today”, Malcolm x.

God bless you!!!

NSFAS calls on grant beneficiaries to apply

Social grant beneficiaries intending to study at public higher education institutions next year have until 30 November to apply for funding from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS). 

In a statement, NSFAS administrator Randall Carolissen said the affected applicants were social grant beneficiaries registering for the first time or continuing with their studies at public universities and TVET colleges in 2019. 

“All prospective students who are currently receiving or have previously received any of the social grants including the Care Dependency Grant, Child Support Grant, Foster Child Grant and the Disability Grant automatically qualify for NSFAS funding,” said Carolissen. 

An agreement exists between NSFAS and the Department of Social Development that clears all social grants beneficiaries from submitting any proof of income when they apply for student funding. 

NSFAS said students who are funded and have received payments from NSFAS for their 2018 studies and will be continuing with their existing qualification in 2019 are not required to reapply for 2019 funding. 

“Students are, however, encouraged to ensure that they sign their NSFAS agreement forms,” Carolissen said. 

Prospective students from households with a combined income of up to R350 000 per annum, who will be registering at a public university or TVET college in 2019 for the first time, are eligible for funding and must apply now. 

“Students from households with a combined income of R350 000 per annum, who registered in 2018 for their first qualification and were not funded in 2018, are eligible for funding and must apply now,” said Carolissen. 

Applicants need to submit certified copies of their South African birth certificate or ID documentand authentic proof of income if parents or guardians are employedCertified copies of parents or guardians’ IDs would also have to accompany the application. 

These documents need to be accompanied by a completed consent form, which NSFAS requires in order to confirm and verify the identity and income of the parents or guardians of the applicant. 

The form can be downloaded from

Prospective applicants are urged to make applications on online at 

“Should you require assistance, you may call our toll-free number on 08000 67327 or visit your nearest NYDA office.  Check the NSFAS website for more details on additional application centres,” NSFAS said.